Medical Update

Hi everyone .. I’ve had a lot go on medically over the past 5 months and thought I’d share an update. Yes, I have cancer and am undergoing chemotherapy. I will complete this regimen and hopefully will never have to endure this again!

And, on Jan 31, I had a stroke. It almost killed me but I’m still here and remember the quote, “you quit fighting AFTER you’re dead.” That pretty much says it all. But, if that’s not enough, just remember Churchill’s “when you’re going through hell, keep going!” My condition on that Monday was correctly identified before I got to the ER and I was coded quickly and correctly. I got the clot buster drugs in time. It was a crazy experience and very hard for me to identify while caught up inside it. I was at work, and it happened after a sneeze (of all things).

I hope that I have a great 23 years just like after my 1998 colectomy, but I am older and new things abound. I will just do me and see what happens. At the moment, I am good, I have regained a lot of the weight lost and am almost back to 100%. My balance is still not perfect but it is getting better quickly.