Hunter Goosmann (photo by Hannah Stuit)

‘gunterhoos’ is a nickname given to me a long time ago.

More telling is that I am a proud father of two, photographer, musician (guitarist), traveler, technologist, genealogist, and animal friend.

For my photography, you can see some photos here (waterfalls) or check out www.goosmann.photography where my favorite images are hosted and for sale.

As far as my dayjob is concerned, check me out on LinkedIn. In sum, I am a longtime strategic planner and operational manager who has particular skills in program management, technical entrepreneurship, and customer service/escalation.

In addition, I am a former adjunct professor of Management at the University of North Carolina Asheville.

I love getting together with my friends and talking. They are my brain trust and advisers. I do this regularly over a beer at Jack of the Wood in downtown Asheville.

Join me.

You can also contact me at gunterhoos@gmail.com.

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  1. Hunter, I’m an old friend of Hank and have heard such favorable stories of you and how you live your life for years. It was a great pleasure to swim and fall and tumble and cascade and, and, and just great fun to imagine the sound and the air and the color and that foolish light that always seems to sneak into everyone of your photos.

    Keep on………….
    One Blue Mule

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