My Favorites

This page will simply hold lists of my favorites. Many in this list will change over time, but let’s talk. Convince me that I should modify one (or more) of these lists! None of the lists below are in order of preference. Each are all my favorites with none being preferred.


For various reasons, I have a somewhat odd list of top 5 waterfalls in WNC. My criteria are: beauty, photogenic, and privacy (mind, I may have visited them just at the right time to be private). My top 5 waterfalls in WNC are:

  1. Paradise Falls
  2. English Falls
  3. Yellow Fork Falls (with a beautiful hike too)
  4. Steele’s Creek Falls
  5. Upper Sols Creek Falls


I LOVE fourteenering. When I lived in CO, it was my expectation to be headed to the mountains every weekend. My primary reason for choice in this list is beauty.

  1. Crestone Needle
  2. Sneffels
  3. Pyramid
  4. Huron Peak
  5. Holy Cross


Now THIS could be a fun conversation. Who are your favorite musicians (NOT bands)?

  1. Paul McCartney
  2. David Gilmore
  3. Miles Davis
  4. Doc Watson
  5. Billie Holiday
  6. Paul Simon (I know, this is #6)

with special shout-outs to: Prince, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Robert Johnson, and Bob Dylan