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03/01/2016 – [Broadband Communities] – Broadband Is More Than Infrastructure

02/20/2016 – [Japan Times] – Government to aid broadband infrastructure in sparsely populated areas

02/03/2016 – [] – ‘AT&T is the villain’ in battle over rural broadband access, Gardenhire says

01/28/2016 – [FCC] – Broadband Progress Report, Digital Divide Persists

01/27/2016 – [Broadcasting Cable] – Wheeler Sets New Course for Set-Tops

01/27/2016 – [Huffington Post] – The Age of Noise, Clutter, and Spying

01/26/2016 – [Charlotte Observer] – Google Fiber makes headway on Charlotte high-speed network

12/18/2015 – [DSL Reports] – Towns Start to Realize AT&T’s Gigabit Fiber Promises Are Hollow

12/09/2015 – [Washington Post] – How AT&T is out-building Google Fiber

12/08/2015 – [Citizen Times] – Blazing fast Internet coming to Asheville

11/02/2015 – [FierceTelecom] – AT&T brings 1 Gbps FTTH service to Jacksonville

10/30/15 [Los Angeles Times] – Americans are paying more for broadband speed but getting less

10/28/2015 [WSJ] – Google Fiber Eyes Cities with ‘Tech Cred’

09/22/2015 [Telecompetitor] – USF Reform cannot be perfect

09/15/2015 [Huff Post] – How the Pundits and FCC Commissioner got it wrong

08/28/2015 [DSL Reports] – Verizon Turns Down Millions in Broadband Expansion Funds

08/20/2015 [C|Net] How Blazing Internet Speeds helped Chattanooga

08/15/2015 [New York Times] AT&T Helped U.S. Spy on Internet on a Vast Scale

08/06/2015 [Charlotte Observer] Google Fiber causes disruption

07/20/2015 [The Hill] Broadband debate heats up

07/17/2015 Charlotte Church .. seeking answers from RST

05/15/2015 NC sues the FCC re preemption

03/12/2015 FCC Memorandum Opinion and Order (of Preemption)

02/22/2015 FCC should topple NC limits on public Internet networks

02/05/2015 The FCC takes up Open Internet and the pre-emption of state anti-municipal broadband laws at its Feb 26 meeting

01/21/2015 The Trouble with the Fake Net Neutrality Bills

11/05/2014 MCNC names Jean Davis president and CEO

11/03/2014 Free Tool to Help Your Startup

10/29/2014 Verizon reasserts no plans for Internet ‘fast lanes’

10/14/2014 Nobel winning message for the FCC

10/03/2014 Mariott jamming guest hotspots

10/01/2014 Understanding Net(flix) Neutrality

09/18/2014 Cox CTO: 1 Gig Launch in Phoenix is ‘on track’

09/08/2014 AT&T and Verizon say 10 Mbps is too fast for ‘broadband’

09/03/2014 AT&T vs municipal broadband

09/02/2014 Faster broadband begets faster broadband

09/02/2014 Analysis cites Cable’s defensive response toward top speeds

08/31/2014 Race to Gigabit Internet service takes off

08/30/2014 Can the FCC clear the way for cities to build broadband

08/28/2014 How Big Telecom smothers city-run broadband

08/28/2014 US Net Neutrality debate affects the globe

08/22/2014 Google fiber is fast, but is it fair?

08/04/2014  Verizon tells FCC everyone’s slowing down wireless data hogs

08/03/2014 Fast Times at Chattanooga

07/25/2014 NC Town saves public dollars with its own network

07/24/2014  Wilson urges preemption of State’s barrier to broadband

07/23/2014  America’s best Internet is in the city you’d least expect

07/16/2014  AT&T, Comcast don’t want community broadband networks




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