A Good Year ?

So far, coming out of the pandemic has proven challenging for everyone. And, obviously, we’re not out yet. But, my friends, I’ve accomplished a couple things during Covid that I am proud to share. They may sound overly simple, but they brought me a LOT of joy along the way.

I completed two waterfall lists!

Kevin Adams 100 North Carolina Waterfalls Challenge (check out my name on this page!) – I completed this list on 20 July 2020!

Carolina Mountain Club 100 Waterfall Challenge (you won’t find my name there as I am not a member) – I completed this list on 05 August 2021!

I hiked solo to the overwhelming majority of these waterfalls. But, I would love to share them with you if ever interested. Please email me and let me know. I can provide beta (info, directions, descriptions, etc.) about any of the falls/hikes. At the moment, I can’t go with you. But, I will be able to in the future and we can enjoy these together!

Just check out the images on the waterfalls page and ask about it/them.

So, I am now working toward the Kevin Adams 250 NC Waterfalls Challenge (the above link will explain it too). This will take me longer as some of these hikes are very difficult. But, I’m excited to see how far I can go.

A New Year

We made it to 2021 ! And, I’m excited to be on the other side of 2020’s medical issues and election craziness. The covid-19 restrictions continue but there is at least hope for the vaccine coming to my family and me soon. I know I could have never imagined last year in my wildest dreams. But, at least for me, there was a lot of good coming out of it too. I’ve expanded my photography repertoire in particular to capture waterfalls (check out www.goosmann.photography – the link redirects to smugmug.com where a number of my images are now hosted and sold). This has been done by hiking a lot of miles to a couple hundred regional waterfalls! And, I’m planning on getting right back to it this year.

So, follow along with me! Check back on the images in the waterfalls link and when I expand that to show off portraits, americana, or other images, I’ll add a new page, but I’ll tell you about it with a post.

As always, email me (hunter@gunterhoos.com) or follow me on social media (my username on Instagram and TikTok is @gunterhoos) if you have any questions, or just comment on this site! Thanks.


Yes. I am so incredibly fortunate. Right now, as the country continues to examine itself in the most difficult way, I have a job that I love (especially the co-workers), my children are healthy and doing well in school, and I have my health. I’ve had some medical issues this summer – and I’m not going to elaborate on them – but I have a fantastic doctor (and team) who have made this process as easy as it can be.

I have nothing but gratitude for all of this and more.

That said, I am a student of constant improvement, and there is a lot I need to improve on .. like writing on my blog, for sure. But, in case you didn’t notice, I regularly add more photos of waterfalls. The best part of it all is that my photos are improving due to the regular study of techniques, continued study of available options on my camera(s), and practice!

Like, the latest photo from last weekend. Is this the most beautiful waterfall I’ve visited? No. But, was the outing special? Very much so. It was the first outing I’ve made in a couple months. Now that I can get out and hike again, I’ll be headed back out on weekends and you’ll find a lot more photos added to the site.

Avery Creek Falls
Avery Creek Falls

I am especially proud, though, of completing Kevin Adam’s 100 Waterfall Challenge this summer. I also want to complete the Carolina Mountain Club Waterfall Challenge (I’m at 75 of 100 right now) and, last, I am already working on Mr. Adam’s 250 Waterfall Challenge. The best part of challenges like this is that I have to visit waterfalls and areas that I wouldn’t have otherwise visited. In many cases it’s been reacquainting myself with western NC. And, in every case, I have really enjoyed getting to know not only the waterfall, but also the region.

I would love to increase my interaction with you, so, if anyone has a question for me, please ask.

Weekly Hiking

I have consistently been hiking one day a week for months. The beauty of this is that I get to see four seasons of our beautiful mountains. During these hikes I am visiting waterfalls (in most cases). Most of the ensuing photos are found on my waterfalls page. Check them out!

Raven Rock Falls
Raven Rock Falls

But, the hiking is one of the ways I am just moving more. It isn’t exercise, it’s just enjoying the outdoors. And, there are thousands of hikes and short trips to make before anyone could ever say “..I visited them all” ..

Of course, if you want to mix it up, you could plan a hike to a county highpoint instead of a waterfall. Or, do some street or mountain biking! Ever thought about kayaking? There are many other ideas you can find via Google, so get busy and find your passions. Should you want to join me, let me know!


Most hikes in WNC are a time for a simple communing with nature. There aren’t significant challenges unless you look for them. Recently, I found some! Upon hiking to Dismal Falls the descent into the gorge was the steepest I have encountered to date. Ropes had been set up by previous hikers, and I brought some rope in anticipation of needing them, and I did. Hiking in November means there are a lot of leaves on the ground making it slippery. And if you go hiking after a recent rain, it is yet more slippery. But combining wet ground AND leaves and the combination makes a seriously steep climb into a gorge harder.

Dismal Falls
Dismal Falls
Upper portion of Dismal Falls
Upper portion of Dismal Falls

At the top of the gorge I set up my rope and knotted it every four feet (or so). Then I started down. Of course I slipped a time or two but overall it wasn’t too bad. I also was not happily anticipating my return trip, but I kept going. About two thirds the way down I looked up and was incredibly surprised to find a photographer making his way up. We chatted for a few minutes and he was very happy to have a second rope available to him. We also discussed being there at the wrong time of day for the best photographs.

Since I have my photos to show I made it there and back this hike is obviously very do-able. But I have to say that I am a planner. If I didn’t have my rope I could have made it anyway but the chance of an accident would have increased a lot. Just be careful out there. And be wary if you choose to utilize ropes that others have set up.


Autumn colors are finally coming, but I don’t think they’re going to match any of the best years we’ve had around here. Nonetheless, I did get a nice Autumn photo of Looking Glass falls yesterday. Check it out! And, check out the other waterfalls I’ve visited lately!

Looking Glass Falls
Looking Glass Falls

More Photography

I have had a blast this summer getting outdoors, hiking, and taking photographs. I’ve taken some good shots, and some that capture the moment but don’t show it in the best light (pun intended). You can see many of the waterfall shots on its page (click HERE to go there).

I plan on continuing this each weekend throughout autumn and into winter. I hope that my timing proves good and that I get some exceptional shots.

For the few of you who actually read this, thank you. Here is one of my more recent photos.

Schoolhouse Falls
Schoolhouse Falls

Continuing the Summer of Waterfalls !

Well, I’ve been doing a lot this summer to exercise. Every weekday morning I run at least one mile and on weekends I head out to (re)discover sights across western NC. I thought I knew these mountains well, and what I’ve discovered is that I know some areas well but have neglected to spend time across the mountains. So, I’m making up for that this summer (and into the future). I plan on stopping at those sights you see advertised while one drives across the mountains … and I plan on having a lot of fun while doing it.

Below are some photos of the waterfalls I’ve been visiting. The pictures aren’t all great shots, but they do capture the beauty of these mountains. I will be continuing this into the Autumn and even Winter (for the inevitable icy shots). If you ever want to join me, email me!

Little Bearwallow Falls

The roughly one mile hike to Little Bearwallow Falls is not difficult, but the uphill can be strenuous. If you keep going the additional two miles to Wildcat Rock know that it IS strenuous. Immediately when you set out from the Wildcat Rock Trailhead in Gerton, NC, you encounter an apple orchard.

Then, you enter the woods on a clearly marked trail and cross a stream.

Little Bearwallow Falls hike
Little Bearwallow Falls hike

Next, get ready for some uphill hiking. But, the reward is the rock wall (you’ll see the waterfall is thin with little water on the day I was there, but the wall itself is great for both rock and ice climbing).

WDS 2019

Yet again I’ve taken my annual trip to Portland for the World Domination Summit. And, yet again it was a fantastic trip. This time, in addition to WDS activities, I took the time to hike to Ramona Falls on Mt. Hood. And, for one of my academies, I participated in a photowalk around downtown Portland. On Sunday night, instead of going to the closing party, I went to go see Carlos Santana play (with the Doobie Bros opening). Yeah .. you can imagine just how good this week was for me. I am recharged.

There are a lot of things I learned that I will pursue to advance both business and personal goals. And THAT is the only the second best benefit of WDS for me. The best is reconnecting with my friends and making new friends whose ideas make me think and offer me hope for my personal and professional tomorrows. If you have any questions about either the conference and/or its content, please email me!

Here are some images from the hike, and I have to say that it was one of the most scenic I have ever been on. These images didn’t capture the real color that jumped out at you from everywhere, in particular the manifold variations of yellow and green are still hard to describe.

The photowalk was also amazing. I found I was looking more at lines and colors than people. Here are some of the results:

Last, the concert .. wow! Great music played by classic musicians.