A New Year

We made it to 2021 ! And, I’m excited to be on the other side of 2020’s medical issues and election craziness. The covid-19 restrictions continue but there is at least hope for the vaccine coming to my family and me soon. I know I could have never imagined last year in my wildest dreams. But, at least for me, there was a lot of good coming out of it too. I’ve expanded my photography repertoire in particular to capture waterfalls (check out www.goosmann.photography – the link redirects to smugmug.com where a number of my images are now hosted and sold). This has been done by hiking a lot of miles to a couple hundred regional waterfalls! And, I’m planning on getting right back to it this year.

So, follow along with me! Check back on the images in the waterfalls link and when I expand that to show off portraits, americana, or other images, I’ll add a new page, but I’ll tell you about it with a post.

As always, email me (hunter@gunterhoos.com) or follow me on social media (my username on Instagram and TikTok is @gunterhoos) if you have any questions, or just comment on this site! Thanks.

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