Medical Update

Hi everyone .. I’ve had a lot go on medically over the past 5 months and thought I’d share an update. Yes, I have cancer and am undergoing chemotherapy. I will complete this regimen and hopefully will never have to endure this again!

And, on Jan 31, I had a stroke. It almost killed me but I’m still here and remember the quote, “you quit fighting AFTER you’re dead.” That pretty much says it all. But, if that’s not enough, just remember Churchill’s “when you’re going through hell, keep going!” My condition on that Monday was correctly identified before I got to the ER and I was coded quickly and correctly. I got the clot buster drugs in time. It was a crazy experience and very hard for me to identify while caught up inside it. I was at work, and it happened after a sneeze (of all things).

I hope that I have a great 23 years just like after my 1998 colectomy, but I am older and new things abound. I will just do me and see what happens. At the moment, I am good, I have regained a lot of the weight lost and am almost back to 100%. My balance is still not perfect but it is getting better quickly.


Yes. I am so incredibly fortunate. Right now, as the country continues to examine itself in the most difficult way, I have a job that I love (especially the co-workers), my children are healthy and doing well in school, and I have my health. I’ve had some medical issues this summer – and I’m not going to elaborate on them – but I have a fantastic doctor (and team) who have made this process as easy as it can be.

I have nothing but gratitude for all of this and more.

That said, I am a student of constant improvement, and there is a lot I need to improve on .. like writing on my blog, for sure. But, in case you didn’t notice, I regularly add more photos of waterfalls. The best part of it all is that my photos are improving due to the regular study of techniques, continued study of available options on my camera(s), and practice!

Like, the latest photo from last weekend. Is this the most beautiful waterfall I’ve visited? No. But, was the outing special? Very much so. It was the first outing I’ve made in a couple months. Now that I can get out and hike again, I’ll be headed back out on weekends and you’ll find a lot more photos added to the site.

Avery Creek Falls
Avery Creek Falls

I am especially proud, though, of completing Kevin Adam’s 100 Waterfall Challenge this summer. I also want to complete the Carolina Mountain Club Waterfall Challenge (I’m at 75 of 100 right now) and, last, I am already working on Mr. Adam’s 250 Waterfall Challenge. The best part of challenges like this is that I have to visit waterfalls and areas that I wouldn’t have otherwise visited. In many cases it’s been reacquainting myself with western NC. And, in every case, I have really enjoyed getting to know not only the waterfall, but also the region.

I would love to increase my interaction with you, so, if anyone has a question for me, please ask.