A Good Year ?

So far, coming out of the pandemic has proven challenging for everyone. And, obviously, we’re not out yet. But, my friends, I’ve accomplished a couple things during Covid that I am proud to share. They may sound overly simple, but they brought me a LOT of joy along the way.

I completed two waterfall lists!

Kevin Adams 100 North Carolina Waterfalls Challenge (check out my name on this page!) – I completed this list on 20 July 2020!

Carolina Mountain Club 100 Waterfall Challenge (you won’t find my name there as I am not a member) – I completed this list on 05 August 2021!

I hiked solo to the overwhelming majority of these waterfalls. But, I would love to share them with you if ever interested. Please email me and let me know. I can provide beta (info, directions, descriptions, etc.) about any of the falls/hikes. At the moment, I can’t go with you. But, I will be able to in the future and we can enjoy these together!

Just check out the images on the waterfalls page and ask about it/them.

So, I am now working toward the Kevin Adams 250 NC Waterfalls Challenge (the above link will explain it too). This will take me longer as some of these hikes are very difficult. But, I’m excited to see how far I can go.