Procrastination and WDS

Yes, it is evident by looking at my blog that I’ve not been meeting my own goals for writing. Although I have two draft posts from February and March, I’ve been relatively inactive lately. This doesn’t mean there aren’t ample topics I want to address. It just means I haven’t prioritized my writing to allow for it. That will change.

I just returned from the 2015 World Domination Summit and it was, again, an amazing weekend. I WILL blog about this very soon, but, for now, let me encourage you to look into this fantastic weekend chock full of goodness. The speakers were amazing and they included (not a full list) … Jon Acuff, Jeremy Cowart, Lewis Howes, Asha Dornfest, Vani Hari, and, of course, the Kid President !

Kid President
The Kid President at WDS 2015

All of the speakers were honest, informative, and moving. But, I have to say, this year the single greatest experience I had was meeting people whose stories, experiences, and goals moved me. For whatever reason this time, and I’ve been to WDS three times previously, I experienced a greater connection to many of the other participants. And, it made for a greater experience for me. So thanks to you who welcomed me back, who asked about my goals/dreams, and who shared your own journey with me.

WDS 2015
WDS 2015 Closing Party

More to come …

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